Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Forum 2007

Here are some Key Learnings from the Cognos Forum 2007 (Orlando FL). I have attended this user conference together with Hugo (my colleague) and 3,005 other attendees. Learned a lot from tips and techniques during the intensive sessions and presentations from end user organizations, Cognos and partners.


netneo said...

Hi Marc

I had a quick question for you. In terms of customization, how easy it is for a non-programmer (business user such as a manager) to simply point/click, drag and drop components on the screen to build customized dashboards?

e.g. if receive sales data on a monthly basis, how easy is it for an end user using Cognos8 to change that report/graphic to report sales within a certain date?

Marc van Waardenburg said...

Hi netneo,

End users may make use of web based tools within the Cognos 8 BI platform to create their own reports.

Amongst these tools are Analysis Studio for ad hoc analysis of data (measures against dimensions), Query Studio for ad hoc queries and Report Studio for detailed reports.

Cognos 8 BI retrieves data mostly from database sources through a modeled metadata framework, in order to make reporting easier for end users.

All of these tools are just drag and drop, point and click for end users, thuscreating lists, crosstabs, charts with grouping, sorting, filtering, drilling capabilities (e.g. from month to a specific date) et cetera.

Cognos 8 is a really broad and deep Business Intelligence platform to do these things, for all kinds of user groups.

Ahesanali said...

hi Marc,

can you share us on any other techniques that was discussed in cognos Forum 2007/2008/2009.

or is there any place from where we can find out those details.

Marc said...

hi Ahesanali,

dunno, try searching on or ittoolbox or just google...