Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cognos 8 College Dashboard

Here's another example of a dashboard (or should I rather call it a scorecard?), developed by me using a Cognos 8 dimensionally modeled framework and Report Studio.

It is used by the management of an educational center to easily and quickly view the current status of the key performance indicators of the organization. Of course, the numbers used in this picture are entirely fictitious (albeit not unrealistic!).

Feature highlights:
  • The framework consists of multiple dimensionally modeled star schema's, each with it's own regular dimensions. Common regular dimensions (i.e. the organization dimension) are related through relationships from each fact query subject to one central organization query subject.
  • The report makes use of multiple master-detail relationships. The organization dimension is used in the master query, and is linked to each organization level query item in the detail query. In the report example, most columns displayed are from separate detail lists. So the master query delivers the drill down capability through the organization, and the detail queries deliver the indicator information.
  • Coloring of the indicators is done by using conditional style variables.
  • When the mouse cursor is on one of the blue indicator names, a blue popup tooltip window appears containing both dynamic and static information. This is built by creating a report expression in an HTML item. The HTML item is an anchor tag <a> using the onmouseover attribute and some JavaScript code. Many thanks to Walter Zorn for sharing this piece of JavaScript! The report expression looks like this:

'<a onmouseover="Tip(''Uitval ' + [Detail Deelnemers BO uitstroom].[Schooljaar o.b.v. Specfieke peildatum] + '. Definitie: Aantal schoolverlaters zonder diploma / Aantal BO uitstromers. Als het percentage minder dan 33,3% is, dan is de kleur groen. Als het percentage tussen 33,3% en 50% is, dan is de kleur oranje. Als het percentage 50% of meer is, dan is de kleur rood.'')">Uitval</a>'